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With the closure of many Courts within England and Wales increasing pressures are being put under the court service. Some Courts especially within London and the Home Counties are quoting between 6 and 16 weeks to evict tenants. If you are a landlord who is relying on the rent to pay your mortgage then waiting up to 16 weeks will have significant consequences with the loss of an additional £1,846 in revenue (based on rent being £1,000pmth and having to wait 8 weeks).

From £300 + VAT (depending on circumstances and size of the property) you can instruct our High Court Enforcement Officer to execute your Possession Order under Section 42 of the County Court Act 1984.

Each situation is different and although we are not solicitors and not in the business of giving legal advice would be happy to assist you in completing the necessary documentation in order to obtain your property back.

Ideally we would like you to contact us before you begin any Court proceedings, this could save you both time and money but if you already have obtained a Possession Order and caught up in the Court Service waiting list then we can transfer up your Possession Order under Section 42 for enforcement by our High Court Enforcement Officer. Please click the link below and complete the online form or PDF version to scan and e-mail or fax back or simply upload a copy of your possession order or section 8 notice and we will do the rest.

CONTACT US ON OUR NATIONWIDE EVICTION HOTLINE 0845 2874468 (24hr national rate no. that maybe part of your call plan) or text evictions to 07973 424557 for a free call-back